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Okay, so we now know that a second series of Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 is being written/done, but we (being my cousins and then me) got impatient and designed our own second series. It is the year 2041, a year after the epic battle of the Knight Sabers and Genom with Galatea; the devastation left by Galatea's forced evolution of the Boomers (Voomars) of Tokyo has been cleared, and all humans have returned to the city. A new company has taken over the production of Boomers, despite the fact that rogue Boomer incidents still occur. The Knight Sabers (after the recovery of Linna, Nene and Priss) have joined the AD Police and become a specialised branch, run by Sylia Stingray with Daley Wong as the AD Police representative. It is decided that new hardsuits would be built for the existing Knight Sabers and Leon, who receives the prototype of the male hardsuit. As time goes on, however, it becomes obvious that more people will be needed ... AI KUROI (means 'black love') Age: 16 Occupation: Student (high school) Ai is the fourth of the new recruits, and is the daughter of the owner of the new Boomer Technologies company mentioned above. Her older brother had already become a Knight Saber (Guy, aged 19) through a friendship with Macky Stingray, Sylia's younger brother. Ai is a strange girl, quiet and contemplative, rarely speaking and ever bland, very different to her brother. She suspected her brother had joined some group involving Macky for the increased time spent away from home and the secrecy, and then realised it must've been the Knight Sabers when, at the end of the battle that destroyed Tora's hardsuit, she recognised her brother's gait as he carried Tora away from the crowds gathering at the scene. She followed her brother, and upon inspection from Sylia, was recruited. Her hardsuit is the most different so far from the ordinary shape, and is the second of those built with animal instincts, this one using that of hawks and eagles. When the suit is under her full control, Ai has the ability to fly properly, and uses the axes to harry the rogue Boomer from the air. But again, Ai's suit goes beserk when the instincts win ...

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Finally, I hear some people cry ^^;; hehe, sorry, in a bit of an odd mood. The much-asked for prequel to Chained ... or at least part of it. It took me a while to get back into the mindset of Chained, and the fact that I was rather busy with uni didn't help a lot ... but here it is, for your enjoyment! Hope you like it as much as you liked Chained, it was fun to write it again ^^ bit nasty, but you get that. Hey, I like to 'shock my teachers' or summat along those lines ... lol. *UPDATE* Just redid the html in it and the others in the Chained 'series' so that it looks neater.


This story was written for Year 11 English studies, if I remember rightly. The first sci-fi story I've written, but I had a lot of fun with it. I like how it turns out, question is, do you? PS, I'm not a morbid person, I just get these ideas for stories and they have to go on paper ... I liked surprising/confusing my teachers! *UPDATE* Just redid the html in it and the others in the Chained 'series' so that it looks neater.

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