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Name: Seino Utami (in Japanese form, last name first) - means 'beautiful song (Utami) of truth (Seino)' DOB: 15th October 1974 (she's 18 at the time of the series) Star Sign: Libra Height: 5'8' Blood Type: A School: Attends college with Darien Favourite Subjects: music and chemistry Favourite Animal: cat and dragon Favourite Flower: daffodil, yellow rose Favourite Gemstone: opal Favourite Colour: yellow, purple and silver Favourite Food: Italian Hobby: drawing, writing 'I am the Spirit within ... The fire of dreams, the tides of hope, the blossoming of love. For the sake of your Soul I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!' Utami, when she transforms, does not have a tiara, which makes her instantly recognisable; instead she has a cresent moon on her forehead, a star on her right temple, and a sun on her left temple, all of them silver. These are a symbol of unity between the planets, and is the symbol of the Spirit between them all. Discovered right near the beginning of the series (English version, I don't know if the Japanese is any different); she's recognised by Luna when she and Serena run into Darien the day of the talent contest - Utami is with Darien (they're just good friends at college). Luna senses something odd about Utami, and speaks with Central Control (or whatever it's called) ... I'm thinking about writing an 'episode' just so I've got it in my mind about how Utami is found to be Sailor Spirit ...

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