Elenafëa Tindómerel

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Katherine Spammer' Law

This is a close up view of Elenafëa, my alter-ego. Elenafëa means 'Spirit of the Stars' in Quenya, JRR Tolkien's language of the High Elves, coming from the fact that I'm obsessed with the night sky; this obsession is part of what led to me creating another alter-ego that was an Elf. Elenafëa is a fairly old Elf also, well over six thousand years old, but she's very much tied to life. She's very powerful in the way of subtle magic; for the first five centuries of her life she remained in a child's form - because of her desire for things to remain the way they were, her powers kept her from aging. Funnily enough, her personality is very much like mine; she's often quiet and reflective, enjoying time alone, but she can also be very talkative and wanting to be around others. She loves the night sky, and will often spend hours simply staring up at the stars and humming snatches of songs (yes, I do this ... *glares at the people hovering nearby with straitjackets until they back away*), and she also loves wandering through forest and woodlands on a sunny day. Done in watercolour pencil with some help from ordinary pencils.

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