Katharina Oldenburg

Hey there - I'm a 28 years old girl from Kiel, Northern Germany, who just lives in a small flat. I love to read books, fantasy and science fiction, of course, and drawing and painting. My favorite hobby is LARP and Pen&Paper Roleplaying (Shadowrun, D&D, DSA, Vampire...), but I also enjoy to take a ride with my horse along the Kiel Channel or spending time (together with friends or alone) on the beach. I listen to heavy metal and gothic music and love to go to concerts or dancing in the disco. Often I stroll around outside in the fields or interesting town areas to take some photos as interesting models for paintings - but usually there are no dragons around... Some time ago ago I discovered Bifrost, a fantasy art communitiy here at Elfwood - if you would like to step by, you will find a link on the right side next to this bio... Everyone of us will welcome you! Favourite music Heavy Metal Gothic