Francisco Oliveira

Hmmm...I hate talkin about myself, so go on my Fantasy Art Section and see what you can get, or go to my website and see, but you will have to know portuguese). Since this is a Fan Art section, I HAVE to say that I am a Inconditional Fan of JOE MAD and HUMBERTO RAMOS. I'm sorry these are few stuff, but Fan Art isn't, at least lately, my 'drawing goals' so, when I make some new stuff, I will put here right away Ò_ó! And please, gimme suggestions, critics, comments and I will try to reply them as fastly as I can. And feel free to send me e-mails anytime too. I really recommend you to see my other galleries (Lotho 'Fantasy' and Zone 'Sci-Fi'. e THANKS FOR COMMING BY! Oh, and be sure to visit my deviantART Gallery where there are stuff that can't fit on any Elfwood gallery.. Comment there too... ^_^