Katarina Baralić

I love reading, writing, drawing, singing.... Ah, yes, I love animals, expecially cats (black^_^).  I wrote  several  books, two of them are published in Serbia I like Reading, Writing, Drawing..... Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Earthsea, The 10th Kingdom.. Favourite books The Black Magician trilogy, Age of the Five trilogy, The Black Jewels trilogy, The Saga of Darren Shan, Pellinor Serial, The Old kingdom trilogy..... Favourite music EVERYTHING!


Here are a few spells I have written. I think the best is Love spell, but I like other as much :D

Fairy game

I did something like this few months ago and I really liked it so I decided to creare another one similar but with drawing, writing and some fantasy elements, of course. I hope you will enjoy.... or you won't. :D

I won't be long

A poem I wrote not so long ago.

Moon power-chapter 1

Imagine this: you are a school student and you have all that ordinary teenage problems-you are in love with a cute boy and he asked you out, you have crazy best friend and nasty teachers AND you are a witch. How would you feel? Let's see how my main character feels ^_^

The Land of Despair-chapter 14 and 15

Story continues

The Land of Despair 7-10

So, here you'll find out name of that mysterious male character and something more about Beladox society

The Land of Despair-chapter 3 and 4

So, Eroint is gone and Sydeith probably won't see him again, but, life goes on.

The Land of Despair-chapter 5 and 6

In this chapter, we meet a new, male character.... Huh. It was really hard to describe him. He's such a complex character. But, I did it. Or, at least I think I did ^_^

Sorrow, Agony and Pain

Sorrow, Agony and Pain are alive and, guess what? They talked to me in one of my strange dreams. But, was that really a dream? Well, it was. But, in this story it isn't.

The Land of Despair-chapters 1 and 2

Enter Beladox, huge land and its misteryous secrets. Meet a woman who was sorry because she had been born. Meet the kingdom without men.

The Land of Despair - chapter 11-13

Here you can find out something about Vissene's past and much more :-D