Tara Orlando

Lo, my names Tara as you can see, and I aim to become..something. I'm just not sure yet. , Finally...here are some amazing artist's in each of there works. Joel| Kasia | Quel| Joeie | Tamara | Yuki | Carla B. | Kat | Tessa | Ravenskar | L-chan| CatBunni | Lindsay | James | Leara | Zigler | Vlad | Dr.No | Barry | BadCat | Simon | Jennifer | and lastly..one of my favorite writers here.. Stephan I'm number 24 of the undead ninja's so if you would like to learn more...go here | * If you would like to do an art trade, just ask and I'll see if I have time or not. * If you want a request, I don't really do those anymore, unless I really like you, or unless I'm bargoning them out. * And if you would like a picture done, just email me.