Elina Orn

Welcome to my gallery!Name: Look up. Nationality: Finnish Gender: Female  Age: 23 Occupation: University StudentAbout my artI have been doing art since junior high (about seven years, imagine that!), but because I have so many interests (writing, composing music etc.) I have never been capable of concentrating on just one of these things. As a consequence, I am far from the kind of an artist I would like to be. Take me as a multi-class D&D character; a jack of many trades but master of none. A shame, really.Nowadays I have slipped more and more into the field of photomanipulation/painting over photos. The reason for this is simple: my "from scratch" pieces have never gained the kind of attention as my paintovers, so paintovers it is. Some people may find it cheap to use photos as a base, but hey, I could always claim that I painted the magnificent "Iron Lace" piece by hand... now *that* would be cheap, wouldn't it?Okay, enough of me and my rambling :) Hope you enjoy your stay at my gallery, and remember to leave a message in the guestbook!I have a personal web site called Haven where I display my art and music. Do go have a look! :)