Andrea Orwoll

Hiya!!! ^-^ I'm Andrea... but to most I'm Andi. See fantasy art page for stuff about me... *insert random cackle* See Livejournal for random real world details. See, username SailorZelda, for stories and such. Significant to this page... I love to draw. It's an addiction. And fanart, well... It's a hard habit to break. ^___^() Fanart was actually what I started out with, when I first started drawing way back in seventh grade. So, it’s got a special place in my crazy little head. Credit for the creation of the incredible game series “The Legend of Zelda” goes to the mighty Nintendo, not me! I don't take any credit! Not mine, get it? (I just don't feel like getting sued...) I also don't own SailorMoon, and the same applies for it. (I DON'T OWN IT!) And Lord of the Rings... Basically, unless otherwise noted, nothign here is mine. Er, 'cept the art... Yeah. ~Andi, a.k.a. SailorZelda, the Duchess of Randomness and Queen of the Fireplace Utensils ^_^