Kelsey Sophia

Hello, I'm Kelsey, (obviously), and I'll be sixteen in September (birthday gifts are always welcome).  I'm never good at bios, so please justdeal with me here, ok?I live in the Chicago suburbs, so of course, the only Supperbowl that really counts is in 1986.  and Mike Ditka can do ANYTHING.I have a disability called O.I., or Brittle Bone Disease. did you ever see the movie, Unbreakable? Well, the villian in that movie had O.I.  Although, i have a different, more severe type than him.  Can't walk and i had almost 300 fractures.  I want to create characters with disabilities, to give others an inspiration (sounds corny, doesn't it?), and show that even though people have disabilities doesn't mean that they can't do great things.  One thing i'm NOT going to do is make a run-of the-milll-yes-i'm-in-pain-but-no-one-will-ever-know, or a woe is me inspirational sob story  it's annoying, and it doesn't show the truth about people with disabilities.  we can pity ourselves  (i do it alot), and yet we have points were we don't even think about the disability also.  there's a balance to these things.  Ummm, my writing style is sarcastic, like my speech.  I think my strength is dialog, and my weakness is spelling (as if you couldn't already tell) and grammar (DIE, COMMAS, DIE!!) .  I joined Elfwood to get feedback on my writting, so constructive critism is appreciated.  Don't worry about my feelings, please!. My cousin/editor/bestfriend/sister/muse, Kellie, pretty much is my savoir, 'cause she breaks my writer's block.  Holly Black, and Libba Bray are my idols and they can do no wrong (along with Ditka).  If I could, I would like to be one of them.All my stories are dedicated to;My Parents, Kellie, and Marcy, may she rest in peace. I like Writing, movies, history, and art history along with many, many other things that i can't think of right now Favourite movies Princess Bride, Rohbin hood Men in Tights. pretty much movies that poke fun at the Fantasy genre (sp?) Favourite books Twilight/Eclipse/New Moon by stephanie meyer, A great and terrible beauty/rebel angels by libba bray and any book neil gaimen (sp?) wrote Favourite music FALL OUT BOY!!! beatles, the hush sound, and ella fitzgerald are my absolute favs

Of Tarot Decks and The Circus.

This is a kindo of perlude to another story i'm writing. i liked this character ALOT, and more short stories will be written about her (showing her as the cool B-A character i envision her as). I also found out i really like grossing myself out as i write. i also tried to be suspenseful, but i don't know how well that went.... Oh! and tell me if that notnaming to charactrs thing until the very end is confusing, and i'll change it. Thanks :) Working title.


I'm usually against Valentine's day, not ever having a boyfriend and all. So I wanted to write something that has this romantic holiday in it and shws how much girls freak about it. It was written in a day, and I still don't like it as much as my babbysitting one, but i think it's cute.

The Joys of Babysitting

98% of the time i hate babysiting. Litttle kids get on my nerves very quickly, and running around in a 300 lbs chair, while they're behind a couch screaming 'You can't get me!!' gets old, and frusterating. so i wrote this in about one day over the summer after my little cousins left. this would have to be my favorite story so far.

God Smells Like Pancakes and Baccon

Okay, this story came to me in my 6th period History class. We were talking about the Enlightement peroid, and how one man thought the only way to know things was through your senses, and how the church hated him, because you can't really taste god, you know? so this kid in my class blurst out, 'God Smells like when you wake up after a storm, and your mom makes Pancakes, and baccon. i love that smell' The class had a good laugh, and then we moved on to Soviets attaking Alaska, through an under water tunnel. Yup, that was my history class for you.


I just needed to FINSIH something, so i wrote this quickly. My mom always loves talking about how one percent of the qorld has 99 percent of the wealth, and they were just hording it all, which of course got me thinking (never a good idea!)...Somehow it lead to this story.

Krispy Kremes and a Muse

This came to me during my first peoroid final, and I HAD to write it down. Unlike God Smells Like... this is more of my writing style. i like this one alot (you know, except for the grammer errors) and i had fun writing it on my posted notes (the only papper i could reach).