Otto Bixler

Hi! My name is Otto Christopher Bixler. I love to travel and draw pictures of what i see. It brings me great joy to inspire others just as they inspire me. I hope to meet others on elfwood to share art and adventures with. Fantasy rocks. hapy blarted bday hArrY! I like drawing, adventure, painting, touching. closeness. hugs. love. Ocean. quiet noise. nakedness. candles. Clary sage. mountains, like water trickling into a steady rush. whole. feeling full. Favourite movies Harry Potter, LOTR, Imposters, My neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away Favourite books Earthsea trilogy, LOTR, Harry Potter Set, Sphere, Jurrasic Park, The Lost World, Andromeda Strain, Journey to the centere of the earth. Favourite music System of a Down, Black flag, Dead Milkmen, White Stripes, Silver Mt. Zion, Poke`dex Talk, gravy train, no doubt, the germs, sunny war, auto-war, bikini kill, tiger trap, cub,