Brandie Hanson

Hello all. This is actually my return to Elfwood. Back in the day when it was  WOW I can't believe I still remember the old address, ( least 90% of it anyways) That's quite a feat for not being a part of elfwood for 6 years. Elfwood was the first artwork community I had joined and was really the only one that I enjoyed being a part of. Unfortunally some years back some moron(s) started making death threats to Thomas. He reacted by closing down the openess and placed Mods into positions of evaluating artwork that pretty much stiffled the community with rules that I had a hard time adjusting to. I tried to return once more only to find out in order to join I had to fill out 4 pages of questions that made me feel like I was failing art history or something.The return this time is much more appealing which is good. Being away from a place where I can browse art and present mine freely will hopefully open up this artist block I've been having for quite some time. All in all, through Elfwood's hardships I am glad that it is here for people to enjoy and I am looking forward to being a part of it again.  I like Music, wild-life, playing VIDEO GAMES RAWR! and playing with my pet mink. Favourite movies Iron Man, Matrix, Hellboy II (perfect example of the messed-up fantasy mythos I enjoy) and Pan's Labyrinth Favourite music Various Music: Stabbing Westward, NIN, Cake, The Kovenant, and others.