Freeman gets a gun

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A not so quick recap of the story: (includes spoilers of Half life) Gordon Freeman, physicist at the Black Mesa Facility. Today is a big day. A new, strange material is being tested in the facility today. Already the day is turning out rather badly. Gordon is running late, so late that some very important red flags are raised and he doesn't even have the time to stop and pander them. Barney at the front desk mentions that his paperwork has gone missing, and while most scientists chastise Gordon's unpunctual behavior, other are worried about the energy ratings. They are running so high that they would rather cancel the project all together. No time, Gordon grabs his Hazardous Environment Suit or HEV and heads into the test chamber. Gorden is subjected to the manual labor portion of the job. As such he is placed right in the center of the testing field. His job, push a couple buttons and push the material through the energy field. Nothing too exciting at this point. That is until the material is jolted by energy and causes massive explosions all throughout the facility. Worse Gordon is seeing new horrors before his eyes. Creatures never seen before are standing around, they see him, but before they could react he disappears. He now looks upon a new area, then he disappears.  Place after place until his body and mind can no longer take it. He passes out. When he comes to, he is back in the facility and there is damage everywhere. Wandering room to room Gordon sees his colleges bodes' torn and tossed everywhere. He finds survivors but they are going to do their best to calm the blasts of energy. They send  Gordon to the surface to get help.  Ha. Ha. Good luck with that. The military is called in, but don't count on them. There is also a mysterious man in a fine suit carrying a suitcase. He walks through the alien infested area with out a care in the world.  Eventually, Gordon's only option to close this portal that is allowing dangerous creatures in his home planet, is to jump through the portal, and go to their home. He becomes the champion for the people of earth. His determination gets him hired by the mysterious man, with forced consent. Time to go to work again, this time he's working for the mysterious man, now called "G-man". He awakes to find himself on a train, entering a city called City 17.  Right when Gordon got off the train it's apparent that something isn't right. All his efforts facing death while in the Black Mesa,  Lambda Core, and Zen all for nothing it seemed. The human city was taken over, not just this one but probably all of them. Right away you get an idea what you need to do, now you just need some weapons . . .   This scene is from Half Life 2 episode 0. Two Combine are terrorizing a couple in an alley. The man gets shot and it won't be long before the woman is murdered as well. Time for Gordon to step in . . .with his trusty crow bar.

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