Kimberley Painter

LITTLE INTRO Welcome.  Konnichiwa. Wilkommen. Bonjour. Hola...and =^_^= thats about enough of my language vocab. Come...draw up a chair and drift into the world of Kim *shoves plate of cookies* Enjoy! RAMBLEY BIT name is Kim *bows and raises hat*. I'm 17 and have finished compulsory education!! Go me...I'm currently at Sixth Form in wonderful brum, but soon I shall be off to Uni (probably to study Biology) next year! ^.^ ...zis is my grotto of doom...where I may be referred to as: Skatty, Kimmothy...or (my personal favourite) oh great master of all creation of my vintage nicknames- Kimpy...ah, so renowned there was even a little tune to the name:   Kimpy, shes not an imp or a wimp (no, shes not an imp or a wimp)...etc etc...   yes...well shoosh, i was young (12) with very poor rhyming skills...which haven't improved...but you must admit..its slightly catchy, yah?   Howeeeeeeever, I do enjoy writing...tis my little escapism...whereas in a mood I used to absorb to power of music (usually metal...which fuels rage :P )... I now write pages and pages...then somehow the problem dissipates or I know what to do to fix a problem. Plus, sometimes you just need to get away from this harsh reality...I tend to ramble too if you haven’t realised already :D I like reading sci-fi/fantasy such as Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, James Herbert (go his erotic Once!), Stephen King and I adore anime and manga! Most of the stories on my page I wrote at 13 so I really need to update :/ sorry!!   I like to doodle too...ah the beautiful science, english, maths...okay...ALL lessons...where we doodled. I still doodle a lot now but have hopped off the art scene pretty much.


I wrote this just before i went to bed...i just had this sudden inspiration to write something down. Its not exactly BRILLIANT but i like it! Oh course it kind of turned out more morbid then i expected...i swear i was only going to do a description of a beautiful creature!

The awakening

Gothicly romantic...or so Brandon says! I really should stop with the capitals for shouting *grumble*'s a bit child-like. Ok..i read this through again and i am a little bit happier with it...but i don't like the ending...i might change it!

Last of the tribe

Second chapter of the story...not so good!

The Mirror

hmm...what can i say! I was thinking of ideas for a piece of writing..took me a while but i did it! Inspiration of David Eddings...may his book, which i can't find :( rest in piece! *sob* i like this though..but criticise as much as you like, i could use some!!


Another piece of 'i'm bored so lets write something' piece..not great..just ok...i hope! Well what do you think?? Too repetive??

The test

Beginning of a quite long story i should be hopefully start writing. It was going to be another piece of writing but i replaced it so the other piece is chapter two..if ya get me!

Destined ~chapter 1~

This was a school project for school and one of me best friends drew the cover...brilliant i must say so hopefully if she joins elfwood... Well if or once i get the other SEVEN...heeheehee...chapters up, you guys can waste your time reading it all! Thats once i get word back on and type up the four other chapters :(


I like this...but i should change it, i mean there are a few typos! Well i like it, i did it one second after i found out you actually needed two stories not just the this is how it turned out.