The Garayne Cat

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Pamela Graham

This is a Garayne Cat. One of the most savage and abnormally behaved cat to have ever walked the Earth. No it's not a dinosaur or anything, infact it existed not all that long ago. Most of you will be saying to yourselves 'A Garayne Cat? I've never heard of one of those?' That is understandable, as anyone who did know anything of these cats will never speak of them or even admit to ever knowing of them, ever in their entire lives. The Garayne cat, started off living in mountains and places like that. Until it so rapidly spread. In their most powerful years they had a population of over 5 million Garayne cats. They lived anywhere and everywhere and could adapt to any kinds of conditions or climates, helping them to become even more widely spread. The year before the 'Dreaded Year' their population had risen to over 15 million Garayne Cats, and now they were getting more intelligent and willing to venture into unknown places. They began to infest massive Cities, bringing motorways and everything in them to a halt. The Garayne cats weren't small either, most spanning over 5 meters long. The cats would sit in groups of sixty or more in the middle of motorways, viciously attacking anything that came near. People were afraid to leave their houses as the Garayne Cats had inhabited most gardens too. This had to be stopped. Armies from all over the world merged to form the 'Garayne Exterminators'. This is when the 'Dreaded Year' became. Thoguh everyone was happy and pleased that something was getting done abou tthe cats, the Garayne cats had so much power that it took at least 20 men to hunt one cat. They lived up to their name and hunted down all the Garayne Cats that they could find from all over the world. It took a whole year, a year of misery and a lot of starvation, life couldn't be normal until the Extermination ended, there was too much danger. Now, the world is seemingly free of Garayne Cats. Nothing is ever said of them, nothing is ever recorded of the 'Dreaded Year' it is all forgotten like a bad dream. Though recently, there has been numerous sightings of 'large insane looking cats' roaming. There's been sightings in deserts, jungles, mountains, forests, islandsa nd even in the polar regions. How can a cat that was so widely spread, ever be completed wiped out........  

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