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It is said that at the beginning of time, Allah created angels out of light, men out of earth, and the Djinn from the primal smokeless fires. The Djinn, unlike the angels, maybe turn either way to good or evil, but whichever way, they are said to be powerful creatures. According to legend, a powerful enough sorcerer could bind a Djinn to his will and command it to grant his desires...this is the origin of the pop culture idea of the genie in the lamp, but unlike these whimsical creatures, the Djinn were mighty and terrible, riding the land in great whirlwinds. In some Islamic thought Iblis, who Christianity calls Satan, was not an angel at all, but in fact, the leader of the Djinn... This picture would then be of another one of the Djinn, one called Dejjial, an antichrist/antigod, who will bring fire to the earth. In his left hand is the fire of purification, in his right, the seeds of life and decay, and on his brow a mark of rebellion against God. In the Qlippothic Kabbalah, he would be Thaumiel, the double-headed twins of God. The markings on his chest are Arabic, from the Q'uran, Sûrat Adh-Dhâriyât or Surah 51, verse 56: 'Wama khalaqtu aljinna waal-insa illa liyaAAbudooni.' - 'I have not created the Djinn and mankind except to worship Me.' I'm pretty happy with this picture; probably the title took the longest to figure out. I wanted it to say 'Make your wishes' (as a bit of a nod to the Wishmaster movies ;) ), but the Arabic method of pluralizing nouns has to be one of the most confusing I've encountered so far. After about an hour of searching through my books for a concrete method, I gave up. So, instead, it reads (or is supposed to read, the grammar is probably horrible), 'Make your wish.' Drawn with a black ballpoint pen and outlined with a black gel pen. Drawn while listening to: Radharc, by Dead Can Dance

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