Welcome to my personal library at Elfwood! I am a fifteen year old writer who loves poetry, short stories, and whatever she can manage with text. I absolutely love to write! My favourite topic, as you may soon find out, are vampires. I can't get enough. This interest was gained through reading Anne Rice since I was seven, and watching 'Forever Knight'. Nowadays, my main roleplay character remains Chrishankhah, an Egyptian Vampiress - and in my own world of fiction, the Queen of Vampires. Of course I don't expect other vampire fans to adopt her or accept her as this, but she is simply my own. My secondary character is Pardalis Bloodthorne. There are times when I roleplay as Nabooru from the Zelda game series - but that isn't for Elfwood. :-P I am also an amateur artist, and though I love writing just a bit more, it doesn't stop me from drawing. Oftentimes, I'll draw my story characters, other times I'll sketch dragons for the pure sake of doing so. You may wish to take a quick look at my Fantasy Gallery whilst you are here. But I've bored you enough with my rambling.. I'll turn anything into a five page essay if I don't stop myself, so own with the show!! -- I accept, welcome, and beg for all questions, comments, suggestions and criticisms. Just go easy on me, and enjoy!--

Harlequin's Jest

Rejection is a painful thing. When death is a penalty merely because one can not do 'well enough', vengeance is at hand.. And even fools have a darker side.

Umbra'Cor's Will

The will of a dark Roman King Mage by the name of Umbra'Cor DeRum Aterhex, the wish of havoc upon all that is and was, and a command to his clansmen - A command of destruction. Though a skilled poet, he is beyond even the worst of misanthropes. He is a necromantic mage who skills in the control of both the dead and living. But the 'Lamia', as he calls them - Vampire in Latin, he dispised beyond anything else.. For they are the undead - The one race of creature who he cannot control. The one race of creature which will mean his final demise.

Chrishankhah's Gift

This is a poem based on the embrace of a vampire. In this particular case, that of Chrishankhah, my Egyptian Vampiress. This is her introduction - the choice she gives the 'victim', might I add.

Dragon's Journey

A short poem about a guardian dragon - a sentinel who guards his world from the highest reaches of the sky - within the clouds.