Lee Mynatt

COMMISSIONS OPEN: Commission Information: CLOSED CURRENTLY (07/2009) COMMISSION STATUS ART TRADES: Possibly. PM me for more info on either. Other Sites with my Art: Paperdemon::Tegaki::LJ:: I like Drawing, Reading, Original characters, RP, action movies, laughter, hetro/yaoi/yuri equally- all about the love baby, steampunk, comic books, Supernatural, FF12, love/hate relationships, friends as lovers, other stuff I'm forgetting without a doubt Favourite movies Babylon 5, Eureka, Farscape, Golden Girls, CSI, Firefly, Supernatural, Dirty Jobs Movies? Too many to name Favourite books Anything by Patricia C. Wrede basically Favourite music Garbage, Queen, Nickelback, Pink, Creedence Clearwater Revival