Rae Parker

Was born in Arkansas, live in Kansas City. Lived in the same house in the same yard for all of my life and this move is a bit daunting. When you go from smaller than hell small town to bigger than big, big city, it kind of stunts your frame of mind. I always wondered if there was a place that I'd feel more accepted and... well, looks like I've found it... Or something near it. I still visit Arkansas now and again to visit my parents and of course NARFA. If you don't know what NARFA is, feel free to ask, but feel free to run and scream >:) Another day, yet another dollar. I'm off to college and expect everyone back home to miss me too (and they do). Currently, I'm just working on my hand sketches and trying to get things back up to code as far as my art goes. I have a lot of things that I'll never ever post, and a lot of things that people want me to color and goad me as far as the coloring goes :) I'm currently in a part-time job, as a part-time student with a part-time mate (we're not giving any official titles to what we are... o.O;). Everything seems great and wonderful and in some ways, it's a lot better than it ever used to be. I'll do comissions if you want me to draw something for you, I'm not quite good at furry things yet, but I'll give it a go if you really would like me to! I post things as they come and hope I can get it out in time if you want me to draw something. I also do coloring if you want me to color something of yours, I'd also like to do that (recently a friend of mine got a job doing that... I won't say if it was deserved or undeserved... Hell, I used to do the same thing, but people would ask me first, GD...) Anyway, enjoy.