You wish to know who I 'THE GREAT SELF-PROCLAIMED(unannounced) GENIOUS' is!!!!..................well you can't.  So bye. * tries to leave but can't open door considering it is a wall*Screw that.  I guess I'll stay.  But know all you who inhabit I am busy and may not update and all that stuff in.....awhile....for a better word. Okay.....all about me.I like to draw(obviously) and wish to show all you people that I can(hopefully).  I live in a place that you do not need to know and in a town that inhabits only me........okay okay maybe my family too and a dog.  I enjoy tormenting my characters I have created and love to hang out with them( when their nice to me).  And BECAUSE I love them so I do not need you to slander them or take them.  I am homeschooled(my mom is refered to by me as the Queen Of Useless Information).  No.  You don't get any cookies if you use her nickname on the site(pette people).  I am in the process of convicing my mom to get wish me luck(really).  I take art classes at CCAD with my three best friends( two of them were in the same class as I and we caused mass confusion within their ranks.)  The friends I speak of will be left nameless.  They know who they are.  Two of them are on this site right now as members the other is not.I also write some but don't expect anythng good. I SUCK majorly at writting so if I eventually post some don't kill me really.I am a dragon LOVER!  I love dragons so I'm sorry if that's all you see as of yet.  I mostly draw creatures but I try and take a swing at people. *Update October 27, 2007*I have uploaded a few more pictures and whatnot.  I hope you like them!  Oh and I got a few more copic markers!  And two copic multitoners!  And a new sketch book.  AND a new eraser cause I didn't have much left from the other one.*update, August 12, 2007*I have three more pictures up.  And guess what?  I now have 3 copic markers!  They rock!  I have to sooo get some more but they cost 5 bucks a peice!  But at least I have something.  And some more about me....Age: I guess I could tell you my ageith.....15.( I wonder how old some of you thought I was...hmmm.)Heritage: I am part German, African American, and I think a bit of Irish( I know a weird mix.)Gender: I have no idea if I told you my gender but I am a female just so ya know.Personality/Other: If you couldn't tell already I always try to make anyone laugh as much as I can.  I am also sarcastic but only a little.  I mean really.  Wait I'm using it right now......wwweeeiirrrrdddd.  And you can also tell I am a dork, loser, and over all weird.  BUT that doesn't stop me from being myself.  I am serious on occassion.  I can't spell worth crap and I have no idea how this ties in with my personality.  But to a more serious degree....I am kind and caring, I enjoy making people laugh, and I love to see them smile.  I am Christian and I am sorry if you don't like Christians but that's who I am.  So I don't cuss cause I think it's wrong but I am not going to say you can't do it because I have no right telling you so.  But I would like it if you did not use around me much.  I am a normal human being who makes mistakes and just because I am Christian doesn't mean I am perfect but I strive to not make them.  I would love to be your friend and get to know you more!  If you have any question about anything just email me, I would love to talk to ya!      More about me characters........   My characters can be phycotic and weird so don't hold that against them.  When I find a good enough picture of them I will post it.  So please be patient with me if there are no pictures up for awhile.  I may have to draw some cause sometimes I get lazy and don't take the time to  actually finalize them.Now that you know a bit about me........GO COMMENT!!!( cause I will sue if you don't) :D Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Favourite books Eragon, LOTR, Favourite music Plumb, Falling Up, Celtic Woman, Enya, Red, Thousand Foot Krutch, FF5, Relient K, Nobuo Uematsu(music creator for FF7: Advent CHildren and FF7), Emery, Anberlin, Plus One