Patrick Tabor

April 07, 2003the -not dead -Panda is here, you know the drill. um I've got some new art up.. Still working on those re-vamp on those old characters. I've put all my comic ideas on hold for one big main project Im on. umm, lets see, no job, no money, driving now, still lazy, no girl friend - looking though -, and I sleep all day. Thats my life in a nut shell at the moment umm.. yeah, well if anyones wanting to talk, ask questions you know how to get me, either AIM or e-mail.. not that hard. Later.New Art:New art WOO HOO ^_^. News: Ahh, I bet your woundering whats this ' Souls of Kainin. ' comic Im talking about, eh? well is a major project me and my friend cooked up and working on getting it published though Dark horse - if I ever get started on the brainstorming for the five submission pages -, but yeah if everything works out you'll be seeing my work published soon ^_^. Link list - these is a list of close friends and Artist that don't know I exists, But their All great Artists!--Yuki R. Yoshida, Kerry Rowzivitch, Linda 'Sunnie' Falk, Kali L. Fontecchio, Mike Edge, Viet-My 'Ravenskar' Bui, Bree Patton, Zachariah Campbell, Damon 'Belgurdo' Lawrence, Kendra D. Blakley, Stanton F. Fink,Luke McKay, Eric Martin, Ryan Culver, Rachel A. Fritzsching, h. k. tsang, Sarah 'Eve' Cunningham, Christopher Martin, Kimberly L. Radcliffe--