Charles Patterson III

I am a Senior in High School starting this year (2001). Most of my work has been inspired by reading J.R.R. Tolken. I have fashioned my own realm that I call black earth. I plan to post that up sooner or later so that if people want to write about black earth they can. But please e-mail me the story if you do because I would love to read it and see how other people have used what I have created. I might even change the name from black earth to something else, I am not even sure of that yet. And if you are an artist and want to draw up one of my characters please let me know and tell me when it is done so that I can see it. I love to see my work done up on as art. Most of my characters are elves because they are my favorite of all races, and that is what I am most knowledgeable on, though I am working on studding others too. If you do give me negative feed back I will only accept it unless you do one thing that was taught to me long ago. Say how you can fix it. I learned that from one of my track coaches. He always told me that if you tell someone they did bad, tell them why they did bad and how they can approve. So I have always lived by that law.

The Necromancer

This story is a story that I wrote as a 4 page assigment for school, and this one was actually done in that criteria. and again, I need to get the full edited version for here. The only mistake is that my darkelf has black hair and not white like he should. But that mistake is okay for i am using it for my first story on black earth, and it will be alright then for his real race.

The Demon Wars

'The Demon Wars' was a story that i wrote as an assignment for school. This is not the fully corrected one, I have to get that one home yet so that i can put it up. but the ending got kinda sloppy because I got tired and the assignment was only 2 pages max, but the teacher liked the 15 page story anyway.