Pauli Lindgren

I live in Helsinki, Finland. I re-found drawing as a hobby few of years ago. I like to draw fantasy females, and I am also fond of all winged creatures. I try to make my drawings beautiful, and perhaps erotic, too. (Some of the drawings contain nudity, so if that bothers you, go see some other gallery.) Most of time I use a mechanical pencil (0.5 mm, HB). My drawings tend to be rather light, so the scanner does not produce very good results. I have also done some computer coloring. I mostly use Picture Publisher, but I have tried Painter and Satori Photo XL sometimes, too. Update (27.7.2004) - Uploaded my photo. It's quite old, however. In fact, my pilot's licence has expired and I can not fly myself anymore, so I just draw those winged creatures. Update (Dec 2005) - Added link to my homepage. There is currently no fantasy art, but you will find some of my Terragen images and tutorials there.