Peggy Pavlovic

Hi! I'm Peggy Pavlovic, but most of my online friends know me as 'Fred-chan.' I've been drawing for a very long time. I began when I was very young, probably around four or five, drawing very strange looking little horses for fun. I have been developing upon this 'talent' for most of my life, and I guess this is what comes out of it. Mostly I draw in the anime style, seeing as how I got hooked on the genre in 7th grade. My weapon of choice is a .05 Clickster mechanical pencil. I must warn you that I rarely shade my work, much less color it. People often tell me my pictures would be far more interesting if I did, but they aren't really made to be interesting. Seriously. Most of the time I am drawing character designs, just to get a feel for someone that I am writing about. I post them online because I can. :p It's okay that my pictures might not look interesting to other people, because I am a History major. :p Anyway, so I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery, as colorless and shadeless as it is. Thanks for stopping by.