Paula Lopez

yarrr... look up there to know my name. do it for the sake of brains. never ever shame your BRAINS! haha... anyway, im a borne metalhead, punkist and artist. and no, i dont look like a punk... i have my own undying style which my mum hates and i love it when she hates what i wear. *evil paws* i love doing what i do. i love to draw and i love to listen to my music, i love being hyper and all that. in short, im totally comfortable with myself... so all you people who's got a problem with me can just make fun of me without me minding it at all coz im not the one who's time is wasted. im also a frustrated writer/story-teller! wow, am i gifted or what? (sarcasm) no, im not an airhead. im just making fun of myself... *laughs at herself* ok then... ill make this short. toodly doos... please dont hesitate to comment on my drawings... but please dont be toooooo harsh! dont crush my ego. im only human. *bows to the crowd and disappears behind the red curtain* THROW THE ROSES AT ME, NOW!