Eclipse Nightingale

 Eclipse is a quiet young ninja who minds her own buisness and draws, her art gallery is full of different things for you to enjoy, exscuse the bad coloring, as her scanner is stupid and changes it completely Update: I'm going to add a Marlin, Blue Whale, Eel, Great White and Lion Fish Mermaid, maybe some others, if you have any ideas for a "Fish" Mermaid, please comment or PM me! I LOVE doing requests! I like Anime, horse riding, roller-blading, drawling, painting, animals, video games (Legend of Zelda mostly), Violin Favourite movies Monk, Dr.Who, Num3ers, Mission Impossible, Pirates of the caribbean 1,2 & 3, Lord of the Rings 1,2 & 3, Van Helsing, Fiddler on the Roof, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, my favortet actor is Jonny Depp, because he is awsome and in a lot of Tim burton Films! Favourite books Percy Jackson and the Olympians, SpiderWick, The Cat Who...., and lots of others Favourite music DaftPunk, Crazy Frog, Super Chick, Sara Bareilles, Evenasence, Within Temptation, Shania Twain, Lord of the Rings SoundTracks, Legend of Zelda SoundTracks, Umbrella and Disturbia by Rihanna, Werewolf by Cocorosie, Gwen Stefani