Philip Bird

Let's see, I am a farm boy out in the boonies of the lonely prairies of Canada. Indeed I do eat frozen seal and I get to school everyday behind a dog sled, on skates while chasing a rubber cylindrical thing called a puck. (Bad Canadian sarcasm). I don't draw alot, but I thought I might post some of my more interesting scribblings on this page. A good friend of mine, Jessie Mead (gallery 535) is a a much more talented artist and also inspired me to draw, once in a while. I like trance music ...::nods to European brothers-in- techno::.. I like reading and I go through a 900page book in about a week,(or less if there is nothing else to do). I've read books 1-8 of Robert Jordan and all of Terry Goodkind's novels. I enjoy all Fantasy novels and alot of that inspires me. Another important factor is the camp where I am training to be a counsellor. My camp name is Paladin... which is obvious to what I'm intersested. Judge, critique and critizise to your will. ...::the picture is me dressed up for a Halloween party camp as my namesake::..