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Kaou didn't understand what he had done wrong. He couldn't quite grasp why his father had been so utterly furious over the death that Kaou had wrought upon the Devannan scum. Yes, he had killed women, yes, he had killed children, but if he hadn't, they would have grown, spawned fresh scum, formed an army rivalling that the Devannan had once had, and swarmed the newly free lands of Jadespurn.He had just... nipped that in the bud, that was all.So why, had he been sent to his bedroom like a sulking child?The soft click of an opening door startled him, and he glanced towards it. A flash of silver grey hair told him who had entered, and he ignored the being to contemplate his knees.Mythril shut the door gently behind him, staring nervously at the son he had given birth to in a previous life. He had never quite been able to bond with this one, not like Semathani or Karu. No, he was stepping into uncharted land now.Kaou continued to ignore the other's presence, even when he felt the bed dip as Mythril sat down carefully on the edge of it.Silence. Mythril was unsure of how to procede, and Kaou simply wallowed in his indignation and hurt.Kaou sighed explosively. "What? Have you come here to tell me off as well? Come to tell me that I've been a naughty boy?" He demanded, snarling at the unreactive Deity of Order. "Or that you're just soooo disappointed in me? I don't see why; they killed us, so why the hell shouldn't we kill them!?!"Mythril merely remained silent, watching him calmly, which somehow angered Kaou more."Chaos damn it! Why don't you just tell me how wrong I am? Tell me that I'm a murderer? Tell me how I drove my sister into insanity just to get rid of more Devannan, huh? Why don't you tell me that!?!"Again Mythril just sat there, an inscrutable emotion flickering through his eyes.Kaou was almost crying with frustration. Or, at least, that's what he told himself it was. Thinking of his twin sister, Karu, remembering her begging him not to carry on this way, crying when he first taunted her into killing a child, it hurt, seeing in his memories her pain-filled eyes and hearing again her distraught cries."I can't."Kaou whirled his head around so fast he wondered why he didn't have whiplash, staring at Mythril, who had bowed his head."I can't," Mythril whispered again, lifting his head to gaze at his son, the one who looked so much like him, and had seemed to carry on that similarity into his fate. "I slaughtered beings too, remember? Murdered Serebemor to the brink of extinction. I can't tell you that you were wrong, because that would be admitting that I was wrong too."Kaou stared at him in confusion, barely seeing him through the haze of tears. "Why are you here then?"Mythril slowly lifted up a hand, tucked a stray strand of hair behind Kaou's hybrid ear, then let it fall back into his lap."To tell you that, whatever atrocities you may have commited, whatever pain you may have caused, we still love you, and we'll never give up on you." He leant forwards, and kissed the side of Kaou's head, before withdrawing, and standing up to leave the room."Wait," a small voice came from behind him. "Wait." Mythril turned. "I love you too, Laerakyth. I love you too."~~~~~~~*cries* Laerakyth is the term used for a parent with an androgynous soul, which basically means they can be born male, female, or hermaphrodite (sp?).  Reference pic used for Kaou's position - by 4eva-feline (which actually inspired the pic in the first place!) and if that doesn't work I'll fix it later, I'm so ti~ired. -CG out.

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