Ryan Peers

About me: I'm 26 ,Canadian and a self taught artist. My art: Always in pencil, I use my scanner to darken them so they stand out more.  I now use all sorts of differnt pecil weights and i am strarting to do more background work. I am also thinking about colour, but thats something i have to think more on. What I draw and why:   Dragons: well we all know why.                                             Women: I love the female figure.                                             Swords: They are an honorable and deadly      weapon. Inspirations:  Louis Royo, Greatest fantasy artist ever.                          Frank Frazetta, he stared it all.                          Olivia, a great pin-up artist.                          Heavy Metal the magazine, just simply the best. Leave a comment, as everyone likes to hear what people have to say about their art. Hope you enjoy my art as much as I do.                          I like Art, guitar and reading. Favourite movies Black crystal, heavy metal 1 and 2.. Favourite books jack white the dream of eagles series. stephen king the dark tower. Favourite music heavy metal..eg: pantera but not metallica they sold out.