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Drakthos held the staff coldly as he stood on the parapet of the citadel. Uvan City hunkered below its sharp towers piercing the coud cover like teeth. Threatening in the distance, Drakthos could make out the form of the green dragon nearing the mountain. It seemed to be preparing to fly to the citadel itself. Drakthos focused in, his dark eyes coldly piercing distance's veil. Soon he could make out the scales of the dragon miles away and the veins in its wings. Drakthos smirked. Knowing the dragon approached and prepared. Summoning the magicks of his mother's people close to him he cried out with the voice and pulled his magic close. The dragon began to swoop to him....The dragon screamed and let a thick stream of fiery spittle down on the city. Drakthos heard the screams of the people below. The dragon cried in joy. Suddenly as the dragon flew near, Drakthos pulled the powers into his mind and the magick fired up beneath him and pulled him up. Bursting lights of glowing magic lifted him above the citadel. The dragon screamed and charged. Drakthos smiled "Yea, dad, I always knew you wouldn't get along with my friends"...The angry dragonĀ  cried in rage as Drakthos sent the magicks of his mother's people at the screaming dragon killing the only father he had ever had. Year Completed: 2000 Time it Took: 45 Minutes Medium: Photoshop Original Size: 8x10 Inches Source/Model: No Source Notes: This picture lost a lot of detail being sized down. I look forward to eventually re-drawing it. Please Comment. Thank you! Mailing List: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SSmall/ Learn when new pictures are available on the Elfwood Website. My Websites: Ebonhorn Fantasy Art - Napa Role Playing Guild - Elfwood Gallery - Elwood Mailing List

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