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This is my world, my home. THIS IS Pagolia; it's hard to explain it in short sentences. It's from an own created RPG (role playing game) which saw the light of the day for about ten years ago. The form of the world has been changed over and over but now (I hope) it has come to the final changes. I chose the one without text 'cause I wanted you to see it. But I’m still going to give you some description of the world, just don't get bored of reading. ;) Following description is based from the human eye if not anything else is said: THE RPG name Pagolia is based on the head island Pagolia (the really big one). The world Pagolia is the human name for it, the melda (another race) calls it Nambi. North above Pagolia is Quayzark, it's most covered with ice and dead cold mountains. Here lives the Cyclops, by the later decades they have started to move from the island down to Pagolias northern edges. In the south east next to Pagolia is to close island, the upper one is called Mydland there lives the Mydras it's a reptile like race who likes it warm around, they can communicate as well as humans and live in intelligent societies with law and order. Reminds a bit of the medieval orient. Their strength is their knowledge in trading which make them 'bout the only one accepted in kingdoms ruled by other races. The one beloved is the empire of Galdaki the empire is ruled by humans and they have very strict order who's allowed in or not. The once not welcome and by some how succeed getting inside the borders and get caught become slaves to the master or the master of who ever finds them. Galdakian humans I used inspiration from the Asian culture with A LOT of free forming. The cities of Galdaki are very clean for humans. And although the empire is a hierarchical society the only one with right to harm the commoner but the owner of the land they live on. South west of Galdaki is the Kask Island, a kind of amusing place, if you look closely you can see that there is a river running through the entire middle of the land. It's a very important line. The Island contains, on the western side, humans and, on the eastern side, elves. Both sides declaims that they where on the island first and both declaims their right to the entire island (ALONE). Around the Pagolia there are some other islands on the map but these are either uninteresting or non-finite work. In Pagolia live dwarves in the centre of the north. Melda, a kind of elves but definitely not and much more greener, lives in the most of the bigger forests. In the middle of the south, running up east like a moon to the beginning of the mountains lives the elves (there are different types of elves but I'm not going to take it now). An other own created race is the Walskid, a women ruled society, the race has purple kind coloured skin and hard rhino nose like hair. Walskids lives in the north east (the half kind of island). The rest of the world is dominated by humans. It's very unusual to see other than humans live in countries dominated by other races. BESIDES THE playable races in Pagolia there is many creatures that most inspiration comes from Swedish folklore (troll, lightmen, lindworm, the nymph), but some are from Greek mythology (pegasi, Minotaur, Cyclops, Manticore), and some are own created (mikvola, makabora). You'll bee sure to see my creation in short time here on I just have to do CPR to my scanner. =) And of course there is dragons, they are older than the goods, wiser than the eldest elf and no thing has scarified as the oldest one of dragon has. And a soon as I have translated one of the text from the RPG I'm going to publish it and you'll see. PAGOLIA IS the most beautiful I ever created and I love it more than anything, sorry Victoria. ;) I don't play as much as I did before, but now an adventure we played for a long time is in the process of becoming a novel. It's a dream of mine to write a fantasy novel and I wouldn't dream of writing of anything else than the world inside of me. THIS IS PAGOLIA.  

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