Jenna Flynn

This bio sucks! ^_^ Anyway, this is my little outlet for my Final Fantasy obsession. Amoung these pictures may be other people's characters from various anime series, and also some fan art for a new story by a friend of mine. So, here you go, here's the lesser part of me. If you want to see even crappier art, go to my Lothlorien gallery, and if you want to read my poetry (crappiEST) go to Wyverns, which I don't update too often. So, enjoy this craptaculous gallery and leave LOTS of comments and I'll luv yerz forever. ^_^ -Chishiki.

Chasing Sunlight

Inspired by Stephan Crane, dedicated to all five of the Stephanie's I know :)

The Road

A song by my RP chara, Kenshi. She's 11, and got someone to help her write it :)

Heart of the People

This is for a friend of mine, Todd Butler, who used to RP with me. I have not seen him for some time. Hopefully we will continue our SL..*Story Line!*

Poet and the Faerie Tale

I wrote this about a year and a half ago, when I first started really getting into poetry. I've messed around with the words and stuff, but it's still the same. Dedicated to Samantha.

A Moment of Mournful Silence

This one I wrote September 11, 2001, as it says at the bottom. The band was standing in the hallway, coming back from drill, when the moniters went on and asked for a nationwide moment of silence. A friend and I stood at attention, as the chorus director sang 'God Bless America' I cried.. I will freely admit that for the first time in months I cried.. God Bless America..

Halo of Ashes

Don't know where this came from. It's kinda odd, I wrote it on the back of a band practice record and got sent to guidence for it. *blah*


I wrote this while cloudgazing for the first time in 5 years.

I am.

Dedicated to a dear friend who has inspired some of my poetry

Last Poet

Again, inspired by Kenshi. Dangit, lol, most of my poetry comes from the RPs and stuff around her *laugh* Enjoy.

Kenshi's Background

Sorry this took so long to get up. Background of my characture in an RP game.