Christina Waters

Nickname: Penguine Age: 22 Likes: Anime, Roleplaygaming, Fishing, Writing, Web Building, Drawing, etc. Dislikes: Rude people, homework, cleaning, dating All right. I've updated my personal info and added a few new pictures to the gallery. Of course, more may be found on my website.Commissions If you want to commission me to do a pic for you, email me, and we'll work out a deal.Art Trades I won't do many of these, but if you really want to do one, email me a link to some of your artwork and I'll get back to you on if I'll do a trade. Favorite Elfwood Artists Adele Sessler Beth Zaiken Courtney Wilson Jessica Lynn Griffith Luke McKay Tiina Purin Jessica Peffer Marie Lu Hian Rodriguez Elise Martinson Jax Bourdeau Gillian Ha Misti Wudtke Jennifer Miller Manon Yapari