Timothy Walsh

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I'm a young writer from (nearby) Dallas, Texas. I'm probably different from most of you in that I've never done roleplaying (don't really want to, though it seems fun), and I've only passingly read fantasy books. I do however get into a lot of things with fantasy (well, mostly mythological) elements in them. I don't think I have a very conventional outlook on the world, so my approach to most things is also somewhat nonconventional. I take inspiration from a lot of things, but music probably offers the most. I love classical music from the Romantic period (Mahler, Wagner, Debussy), and modern ones like Shostakovich. I also love heavy bands like Black Sabbath, Down, Metallica, Opeth, Tool; and punkier stuff like Mudvayne, Rancid, Pennywise, and Bad Religion. I'm really open to anything that tries to provoke something from the listener that might otherwise go unnoticed. I certainly also take a great deal of inspiration from other writers (and poets). As said above, I don't typically read standard fantasy, but most of my favorite works have ties to that genre. I do however love Tolkien. I also enjoy Ray Bradbury (read Something Wicked This Way Comes) Joseph Conrad (Heart of Darkness; its tough, but its also a masterpiece) and going along with that, TS Eliot. I love all writing, but particularly enjoy modernism if for no other reason than it leaves questions that help to find an answer. Anyway, not to digress TOO far, I appreciate you visiting my gallery, and hope you enjoy it. Also, PLEASE leave (constructive) comments, its the only way to grow. If you have a chance, visit my friends Darrell 'kell' Pestana and Stephan P. Calloway

Konfus Vogel: Cold Stone of the Bell Tower

This is the second draft of chapter two. Anyway, this is the true beginning of the actual story. I have the later sections of the plot worked out, so after I get these first few set-up chapters done in a presentable fashion, the rest should actually be up rather quickly.

Konfus Vogel: The Deliberation and the Vocation

WORK IN PROGRESS. Most of its how I want it, but parts of it aren't quite fleshed out yet (and parts of it are too wordy). This is still in the 'set up' stages of the story, and I'm hoping to very soon move into more forward moving sections of the plot, but I want to take my time and make each section as good as it can be before I get further occupied. All comments are welcome, and if you're constructive, criticize as deeply as you wish. I want to grow as a writer.

Shadow of a Fallen Mountain

This is a poem I wrote on a road trip through New Mexico. Needless to say, it was a pretty reflective experience. Its about not being able to see what's best for us and for others.

Konfus Vogel: Prologue

This is the first chapter of a parable about a vagrant angel. Its meant to be somewhat sarcastic and critical (though that really doesn't show up in this section). Its meant to start with a serious tone and then shift to something a little more unique. This is a revised draft, but its still going through revisions as I see them necessary. Your comments are very much appreciated.