Luis dos Reis Peres

Hello everyone, it´s been a while since i´ve been in Elfwood and so i think it´s time for an update of my gallery.  My 200 page Fantasy Graphic Novel is complete after five years work and as soon as i can i´ll be posting the full english-version online FREE for download. Check from this month on (Dezember 2010). The full english version will be available at the end of the month. Also, download my free video game called "GAMBYS". Read all about this old project at my Gambys area of the website. Spread the link. I´m 40 years old and I´ve been drawing landscapes since i was a kid as this always was my way of enter another world. I try to capture an enviroment by showing everything i can ,with lots of detail. I like to try and pull people inside as much as i can. I want you to travel with the eyes through my pictures as if you were standing in a real geographic point inside my worlds. I live near the sea and also near the mountains and these are my inspiration along with the shape of clouds, books, the night sky, Celtic, Irish and classic Brazillian music and all Tom Waits records i can get my hands on. I´ve been professionaly working in graphic, illustration and web-design since 1992 and (portfolio) and i´m available for freelance work. Hope you enjoy my Elfwood Gallery, and don´t forget to check the "Other Works" area also as i have plenty of diferent pics that sometimes don´t exactely fit into fantasy or sci-fi and i´ll be posting them there. By the way, if you can read Portguese and like oriental cinema, check my reviews at "Cinema ao Sol Nascente" my very own movie blog. I like Besides drawing, i´m really into documentaries, particulary the ones about ancient mysteries, astronauts from the past and all that sort of thing. I´m also a big Talk Radio fan and Coast-to-Coast-Am is my all time favorite radio show ever and plays a big role in my imagination. My Fantasy graphic novel ( was heavily inspired by this radio program created by Art Bell a long time ago. I love to read, swim and take long walks near the sea and i mean long walks...about 25 km on foot each weekend as i really like to explore hidden beaches and photograph landscapes and seascapes of my area. Favourite movies Series: Battlestar Galactica (old & new), Space 1999, Babylon 5, Dune, Children of Dune, X-files, Star Trek (60´s), Dr Who, My Name is Earl, Band of Brothers, Dinotopia. Oriental Movies: I love oriental cinema (Il Mare, The Classic, Natural City, A Tale of Two Sisters, The Promise, In the Mood for Love, 2046, Be With You, Cyborg She, Midnight Sun...and plenty of other oriental movie stuff you should check out) ;) Ocidental Movies: Blade Runner, Dune (David Lynch). Cinema Paradiso, The Big Blue (Luc Besson), Stranded (Spanish sci-fi obscure Martian masterpiece), The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, Lady Hawke, The Goonies, The Lord of the Rings, Silverado, Tron, Starcrash (brilliant italian star-wars ripoff), The Big Lebowsky, 2001 Space Odissey. 2010, Outland, Solaris (both versions), The Neverending Story, Star Wars Eps IV & V, Legend, Blue Velvet, Mullholand Drive, Kingdom of Heaven (and most of all Ridley Scott stuff), and all Anime created by Hyiao Myiazaki and the Studio Ghibli like Laputa Castle in the Sky, Warriors of the Wind, Conan Futureboy, Totoro, Porco Rosso, etc, etc, etc. Too much to mention. I also love old sci-fi (Forbiden Planet) and particulary obscure russian amazing stuff like Road to the Stars (check it out), Voyage to the End of the Universe or Planet of Storms. Favourite books The Rama Series by Arthur C Clarke is my all time favorite sci-fi story ever and my biggest source of inspiration for all my sci-fi stuff as The Neverendig Story by Michael Ende does the same for all my Fantasy stuff, along of course with all Tolkien works. Big Cliffor D Simak fan also and Project Pope is one of my all time favorites along with most of what this author wrote. Not exactely fantasy but i recentely discovered the books of the Japanese author Haruki Murakami and i´m devouring them. Another great book is Sati by Christopher Pike probably the best none religious book about God ever wrote and a great imaginative read. And i cannot forget about The Chronicles of Majipoor by Robert Silverberg along with all the Majipoor studd he wrote. Oh, big Wizard of Earthsea fan by Ursula K Le Guin fan also. Other than these i have hundreds of titles that i love, Thief of Always by Clive Barker, Dune, Phillip K Dick stuff, Anne MacFrey and the Pern series, Contact by Carl Sagan, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, etc, etc, etc... Favourite music Big BIG, Tom Waits fan. Other than this love old Bruce Springsteen stuff (70´s and early 80s), Chris Rea songs, and lots of Brazilian stuff from Tom Jobim to musica Sertaneja. Also love Classic music, and Heavy Metal stuff like Manowar, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, etc. Can´t stand 99% of Pop music though...and i absolutely hate dance music and club/rave stuff. Other than this i listen to a lot of world music and i´m also a big fan of intervention music like the stuff that David Rovics puts out on his webpages. Like most of Rock music out there, Some Country and Americana stuff and basicaly i listen to anything that doesn´t sound like something coocked up to be on top ten this week.