Emily Phifer

December, 2011: Alright, so I haven't even looked at my Elfwood site in years.  I will probably never upload anything new because most of my art has become scientific, or at the very least non-SF&F related.  But I can't bring myself to take this down, so it will stay up for as long as I can as a kind of memory bank of past work.___________________________________________________________Ok- the basics... I live in the Bible Belt in the US (i.e. South Carolina). I'm crazy... sometimes silently so ~.^ My Style: amature, but I'm not the one in the family going to art school, so it's all good. Presently, I'm working on composition (haha) and characterization... that is, trying to vary my characters. I love playing with facial expression and such stuff, but my faces always seem to look alike (to me). Usually my stuff is on the realism side of things, but I greatly admire (and envy) anyone who can do an anime-like style well.As of August, 2008, I've been looking in to Medical Illustration.  We'll see how this new adventure goes. Just in case you can't see the copyright on every page, all work here is © to me. January, 08: my update rate has been utterly horrid.  I still have nothing prepared to upload, and, in any case, most of my recent work hasn't been fantasy.October, 08: again with the update comment... I'll check to see if there is anytihng to upload, but I make no guarantees.  College life is kicking me in the rear right now, thus the continued lack of work.