Sara Persson

Hi there! Looks like I have to submit some new artwork now. I have in the last year develop A LOT and the pic. I have here right now is soo...ugly. xD Well,I guess I have to introduce myself,for U who don´t have been here before; My name is Sara and I´m 21 years old. I live in Sweden with my parents, younger brother(he is 16) and our rottweiler. I like horses,drawing,fantasy,swim,read and...drawing...againXDRight now I study to become a kindergarden teacher.  So I don´t have much time anymore to draw like I used to be before. I draw most horses(both normal and fantasy), fantasywolves/canines and (some)dragons. I´m making a comic about the breed I call "Canineons" and the comics name is "Iskopala." I will do some artwork with the characters from the comic and upload them here. You can find the comic and other of my work here: Now I hade waist your time TO much....I hope you have a good time while you are in here,and I will be happy if you leave a small comment or two^^