Jennifer Petitte

Cleaned up the gal... took off some old stuff to make room for the new. Enjoy. Old Bio: Drop me a line if you would like a commission. See my homepage for media, price, and content details. Aieee! I have run out of space here on EW!!! *cries* please if you want to see some more piccies, Check out my own Gallery or Homepage. The oldest pictures (or the ones with the least comments) are being deleted to accomodate for my newer, better drawings. I would like to say a few things before I start. All of this art is (c) ME and is in no way to be used without my written permission. If you ask, I may let you use it and you have to tell the truth!!! :) Ok, thats over with. Hey! I am so psyched to be in Elfwood finally.... Um, lets see... I'm 16, live on central NC, career interest is Zoology in the feild of reptiles and amphibians, and I like to draw almost anything fantasy. I'm trying to incorporate realness into my art... too bad it isnt working. Um, I like to swim, read, draw of course, hang out with friends, etc... all that normal HS kid stuff. I'm using, for my media, graphite, pen, Crayola colored pencils, Corel Painter Classic, Wacom Intuos pad, and occasionally acrylic, but none will be shown here (as of now). Sigh... I know you people don't usually read bios... and mine isnt exceptionally interesting, so sorry to disappoint... ^.^' UPDATE I will do commissions! email me if you want one here: Thanks!