HoA - Kandreljik ghost

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Peter Waelti

While Kandreljik are immortal in the sense that they do not age anymore after the are fully grown, they can still die by excess damage to their bodies. i.e. if you stick a sword into them in the right place, like the head, they will die, just like humans. Now to counter that they devised a way to capture the soul of a just recently dead person when it leaves the body. Those souls are stored in a Kandreljik storage device called a "memory core". There the souls wait until a new body is grown in a nutrient solution vat. Then the Souls can be inserted into the new grown body. Now, as the great cataclysm wiped out the Kandreljik, it also layed waste to their cities, but did not completely destroy them. So some memory cores survived the cataclysm, but nobody was left to supervise and carry out the process of restoring them back into a body. Those cores remain connected to the Kandreljik energy network and the souls can move through the network and use intact projection devices to materialize as a holographic representation of themselves. To the wayward explorer of Kandreljik ruins on Ansgar, having no knowledge of things like neural networks, biotechnology, holographics and advanced technomagic, those holographic projections appear to be "ghosts" of long dead people. Now, Aeons spent being bodyless and enclosed inside an energy network  ist not especially benefical to keeping a healty mental disposition, not even to the highly resilient Kandreljik. I.e. most of them went crazy some hundert years ago, and the only thing they do is to mislead the explorer. Worse, they might set the numerous clockwork guardians that are still roaming the ruins to hunt down the hapeless adventurer. In some rare cases however, the "ghosts" are still relatively sane, and can be of invaluable help to an exploring party. Like the Kandreljik pictured here, named Tanva Zavir-Qon. Of course, her help is not free, whatever the scenario, she might ask for a diversity of things in exchange for her help.

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