astrid lian

hmm...something about me. eh!well, im a girl from norway, like to draw (duh) listen to music, i listen to music all the time, can't survive without it, hangin out with friends, but i also like to be alone. Tim Burton is awesome, Stephenie meyer too. i like to play guitar, it's not a long time since i started, but i really enjoy it :]          i don't wanna live in Norway, it's cold and..and it's too many trees , but beside that it's a nice country tough..gaH. Favourite movies Twilight, and i kinda like all of tim burtons movies... Favourite books yep, i like Twilight. actually i love it, and i don't care if u don't, k? Favourite music oh som much....i can write som few bands i like, but not all of them :S Paramore, Linkin park, Fall Out Boy, The cure, The ting tings, Muse, Coldplay, slipknot, secondhand serenade... listen to much Punk, Rock, Metal and Emo

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