Let it be quick

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Panu Hakkarainen

...she stopped in the middle of the raging blizzard and turned her head like she was trying to pierce the gust with her glance. Closer examination would have revealed that assumption to be wrong though because a bloody bandage covered her eyes. A bandage which she couldn't see through even if she still would have had eyes. No, she didn't try to see, she tried to hear. To hear sounds that possibly could have been carried through the wind. Shortly she continued her journey, her groping, stumbling and exhausted walking. Where she was going? Even she herself didn't know that. She didn't even know was it day or night and how long she was continued this dark wandering of hers. She only knew that it felt like an eternity would have passed since she was captured, interrogated and when she refused to talk, her eyes were... She moaned silently as the memory brought the pain back. Yes, her torturers haven't let her go by mercy. No, they have had fun watching her stumbling away wounded and blind. Alone and helpless against the dangers of this cold land. And she had gone. Well knowing that she wouldn't make it... Suddenly she heard a faint sound. That sound she had tried to hear earlier. So they were there still. It couldn't be otherwise. She knew she was a pitifull sight but those who followed her trail didn't know any pity. She would not have the luxury of an easy death. No, her end would be horrible and painfull. Suddenly she rised her face towards the sky and whispered silently. 'Let it be quick.' Then she turned and continued her uncertain walk to the darknes and behind her the wolves, like black shadows, followed...The caption is part of the fantasy story which I created for this picture. The heroine of the story was captured by orcs and trolls. She was tortured, blinded and finally "set free" for their amusement and as prey for their war wolves.  

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