Meg Nartel

I'm a musical fanatic, I love Andrew Lloyd Webber's works, especially CATS and Phantom of the Opera. Other favorites are Sweeney Todd, Rent and Newsies.I usually read fiction books such as J.R. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood or Kelley Armstrongs Bitten; say Twilight and I'll make my dislike known, which will probably get me pushed down the stairs one of these days eh heh.  As for drawing, I have numerous different characters for different scenerio's, about 32 actually if I go way back. My current obcession lies with CATS and Jellicle characters I've created as well as drawing fan art. I'm also very pre-occupied with my Draconian project, though I'm sure you'll get to see most, if not all my characters in the time to come ^_^That' I guess XD Feel free to ask me anything ^_^ I'll try my hardest to answer. I like Musicals, art, biology(Wildlife), Ornithology, drawing/ name it really. Mythology, particularly Egyptian, Greek and Norse. Also the paranormal. Animal facts...I know a ton of random info lol. Favourite movies Ghost Hunters!! I, Robot, Transformers (1 and 2), DragonHeart, V for Vendetta Favourite books Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Bitten, Stolen, a few others here and there. Can't think of them all at the moment O_o Favourite music A wide range. Anything -not- rap or heavy screamer metal.