Phil Chen

First of all, I'm not sure if I'm still even considered an 'artist'... if I ever was before. I have not been able to come up with any ideas except literary ones (plots and characters in my head that I havent been able to get down on paper). I have a serious case of 'artist's block'. The main problem is that I tend to scrap every drawing/project that I'm unhappy with , so all of my work is just tossed aside into the area of my room that I call 'The Pile'. I probably won't be able to update in a while... and for that I apologize or accept your thanks... I hope to get over this soon. That aside, I am a 17 year old guy living in a city called Calgary, Alberta, which happens to be located in Canada. I've been drawing since a kid, and my style changes constantly. It is now different from the stuff you see here. I am interested in drawing , Music , Animes , manga , people , reading , games , basketball , Ping Pong, mah jong , cards... and just other little interests. Anyways, I hope to have some new stuff done soon. Check out the art, and if you like it, leave a comment. - Phil