i love my private CHRISTIAN school where we wear uniforms ,and i love my dog, shadow.Well... I write random stories but Im not putting all of them on elfwood, but I am on fanfic (no stories on it yet cuz im a very bad typist who gets  distracted easily)I can now draw Manga but I still love my original  drawing style (see my multiple pictures)  I need to improve on bodies (arms, legs..)  and I need to learn how to do backgrounds... bleah... I like I love to read, write, draw, and watch movies.... Perfect website for me, huh? I support: Kataang, Sukka- Avatar TLA; Hinato- Naruto; Sakuran- Tsubasa; Edwry- FMA; Haruki- Ouran HS Host Club. I don't think a lot of people know these cuz I had to make up a couple. Favourite movies Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter series, Avatar the Last Airbender (the tv show NOT the movie), Legend of the Seeker, Psych, Eureka, Lost, Firefly, fifth element, Serenity, pushing daisies, Dr. Who, Merlin, 10th Kingdom, Full Moon O Sagashite, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, BLEACH!!! And these are just the fantasy ones!! Favourite books harry potter, gail carson levine, mistmantle chronicles, the sisters grimm, fablehaven, the farworld series, books by nancy springer, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Tsubasa, Naruto, Full Moon O Sagashite, Ouran HS Host Club, Unicorns of Balinor........ Favourite music Nickel Creek; Sara Bareilles; Feist ; Girl's Generation(SNSD) ; 4MINUTE ; SHINee ; T-ARA ; Co-ed school ; Hatsune Miku ; Megpoid Gumi ; The Kagamine twins ; Megurine Luka ; Alison Krauss and Robert Plant; Andrew Bird; Bela Fleck and the Flecktones; Iron and Wine; Jethro Tull; the Flaming Lips; Ray LaMontagne; The Beatles; and a lot more.