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Winged Girl

Yeah, it might remind you of Maximum Ride, but it's truly all from my imagination! I always have loved people that are part animal or whatever, and this is where my story went. I entered this into a story contest at my library. I didn't win, but someone I know did (His was really funny!!)

Blades and Cherryblossoms

 Entry into the Echoes of Elfwood contest. Inspired by the beautiful picture "Blades and Cherryblossoms" by Natalie Adams. really loved that smile on her face and the hard determination in her eyes, and so I wrote this story. I'm sorry,  but I didn't have anyone edit it or give constructive comments or anything. I just had what came out of my brain while locking myself in a room. I hope it does justice to Kohaku. : ) enjoy


short thing.