Jirah Reckinger

see my art!!! I like Drawing, writing, hanging with friends, watching movies, going on da compooter etc

Winged Girl

Yeah, it might remind you of Maximum Ride, but it's truly all from my imagination! I always have loved people that are part animal or whatever, and this is where my story went. I entered this into a story contest at my library. I didn't win, but someone I know did (His was really funny!!)

Blades and Cherryblossoms

 Entry into the Echoes of Elfwood contest. Inspired by the beautiful picture "Blades and Cherryblossoms" by Natalie Adams. http://redheadnat.elfwood.com/Blades-and-Cherryblossoms-coloured.3555913.htmlI really loved that smile on her face and the hard determination in her eyes, and so I wrote this story. I'm sorry,  but I didn't have anyone edit it or give constructive comments or anything. I just had what came out of my brain while locking myself in a room. I hope it does justice to Kohaku. : ) enjoy


short thing.