Sophie Matthews

Age: 16Name: Soph/Photosoph Country: New Zealand Pet(s): Three Cats: Baby: a long-haired tabby who happens to be a boy. We got his sex mixed up. Garfield: a short-haired tabby who happens to be a girl. We got HER mixed up too. J.B (James Bond): a light grey cat with a white chin, stomach and light bits of peach colouring on him. He's a boy -he's the only one we DIDN'T get mixed up! And a dog: Diva: a Weimarana dog (imagine a Dalmatian's body, only colour it a sandy grey/brown and remove all spots. Weimaranas look a bit like that). We also have three chickens, and a small flock of sheep. Likes: birds, cats, animals in general, a few insects like cicadas, praying mantises, dragonflies and butterflies, frogs (although I don't really know WHY I like them... maybe it's their bright colours and eyes.) and chickens (they're so funny!!!). Things you might want to know: I'm stuck at home most of the time and do schoolwork by correspondence, since I have a condition known as CFS, or ME (which is NOT fatal but does take a while to get over, like years). But I'm quietly amusing myself as I wait to get well. There is no medicinal cure yet. Technique: For my artwork, I usually do a sketch in pencil which I go over with a decent ink pen then rub out the pencil beneath. After that, I could shade it and colour it in with pencil, but since half of my pictures are done on lined paper I generally scan them in and redo them in Adobe Photoshop using my picture as a base. Hence the name: 'Photosoph'. Griffin Encyclopaedia: You may have noticed that so far, all my pictures seem to have a little bit of information on them. With my griffins, I'm trying to invent new ones and stray away from the lion and eagle ones, just to be creative. Some of them just look mad (maybe I'll upload my ostrich griffin sometime... :P), but others look pretty neat. More on that encyclopaedia...: I'd like to do a small description with the picture (as in, written on the actual drawing), and I'd really like to do use some of those detailed, ornate medieval lettering I've seen around. If anyone has any information about these, or books which have the lettering in them, could you please tell me; I'd really like to know. Friends (VISIT THEM!!! -Please?): Here are some really nice people on Elfwood: Sarah C. Matthews Rachel-Jayne Hwang Nelleke Pieters Anna 'Charlie' Magnusson Karin 'Stuzi' Schadinger Sarah A. Bouma