Sandra Wheeler

I'm also a writer, reader, Snapple-drinker, homework-forgetter, laugher, slapper, watcher of Abbot and Costello.

Once Upon A Time Mission

A quick, easy read about how difficult it is to be a fairy godmother.

The Cove

'Everyone said the first mermaid was the last, because no one lived to see another. But for some reason the mermaids let Noah be. No sharp teeth pricked his neck, thirsty for his heart’s blood. Cold, beautiful reptilian bodies craved warmth. And Noah realized, when he was much older, that he was in love with the most dangerous creatures in the world. Every man who saw one fell in love, but no one lived to tell the tale. No one, except Noah.' When a deadly creature and a human form an impossible bond, their alliance might not be stronger than the overwhelming tempation to kill.


“She has got to be the coolest girl on earth...” Lena seems too good to be true. Everything about her is perfect, from her beautiful eyes to her all-too-available status. But when Sean attempts to change that status, he finds that everything is not what it seems...


'You don’t know how long it’s been since I got someone like you. They send me all the boring ones: death by old age, the occasional terminal illness, but never a drowning. How lucky you are, to be able to tell your friends all about the experience.” The woman looked around hopefully. “None of them died with you?” “No,” Sonya said quietly. “None of them died with me.” The first part in a two-piece story, reasonless is about the dead, the living, and all the states in between.

Nickolas Flammel Part One

Nickolas Flammel is three hundred and sixty five years old, and something has gone wrong with the Stone that keeps him alive. Suddendly, he can feel again. Not only that, but even his family of immortals are unable to discern the problem. And whenever he looks at Perenelle, an ordinary girl with strange tastes, he feels a sharp pain that has nothing to do with his emotions. Does the pain have to do with the Stone, or are there other forces at work? (Based on the legend of Niccolas Flammel, the only ever successful alchemist)