Wow, it's been a long time since I updated this page! I've just (as of December 2007) gone through and changed what I have to offer here. I've got rid of some old pictures that really shouldn't be on public display, though I've left a couple so you can see how my style's changed and improved, and I'm adding a bunch of newer, better ones. I'm a university student in England studying English and Creative Writing, which isn't nearly as fun as it sounds. Still, I love university and all the people there, and especially my two societies, the sci-fi and fantasy film club and the gaming society, the mainstays of the geek alliance. I love roleplaying and I can't play a character without a character picture, so a lot of what you'll see here are roleplaying characters past and present. I mainly play freeform online and D&D with Gamesoc, but I've dabbled in a few other things too. Okay, domestic issues: Requests: possibly. E-mail me or drop me a comment and if I'm interested I'll give it a go.Art trades: probably. Drop me a line and if uni etc. allow then you're on.Commissions: sure! Hehe, paid work is top of the list ;)If you want to put any of my pictures in a tour, feel free! They like the attention. Well, that's it for now. Hope you enjoy looking round my gallery, and don't forget to stop and say hi! I like Reading, writing, drawing, roleplaying, computer gaming, acting, cinema, making stuff. Favourite movies Firefly, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Favourite books The Book of the Crow, Discworld, Harry Potter