Pedro Darsham

I was born in France, but i mostly lived in Canada, in montreal and toronto. It was there that some people showed me the basics of 3d, and then i learned the rest myself. Well, now im back in France and I still love 3d. I also like to draw with pencils, but then i should either repair my scanner or get another one to upload my newer drawings -_-. Oh well, heh. I LOVE fantasy books, in fact they are almost the only books i read : Tolkien (erm, I'm still *trying* to read the Quenta Silmarillion... It's like reading the bible, weee), Raymond E Feist (I read them alll! they are alot of fun), Robert Holstock (the Merlin series, really good), George R R Martin ( A Song of Ice and Fire series which I'm reading right now). Oh and yea, those ones I was reading long ago like C S Lewis and Brian Jacques :p I also play all sorts of computer RPGs : Morrowind (OMG Oblivion! Cant Wait! cannot wait!!), Spellforce, others.. And online RPGs : Eternal Lands (It's a free game project you should give it a try), Guild Wars (i kind of stopped that one), World of Warcraft. I even play good ol' telnet MUDs sometimes. About 3D : is it really art? I talk about that in a comment awnser on this page (just scroll down a bit, it's not far! It's blue! It's bold! there, you found it.)Forget not to visit Marine's gallery! (yes, she has the oh-how great honor of being my sister)