Corwin Ary

I am who i am, i am polite and i try to be a gentleman. I am true to my friends and those i care about. I am shy but open and wild when the time is right. I am a Leo but i do not hold all the traits that it in titles, but boy i can be stubborn. I do not go out much, but i would love to. I spend time with my son and friends and try to keep active. I am open to most new things and enjoy what i can learn from others. I like I am into the outdoors and working out as well as reading fantasy novels and drawing comic book style art, i love to watch Anime an the sci fi channel. I also enjoy spending time with my son and doing things in the outdoors and to get active. I recently got back into Grappling and MMA training. Favourite movies I am a guy so of course i like the action movies. I am into fantasy and sci fi as well and also into the animated movies that are out, its good to have a son to go see them with. A few good movies are: Iron Man,The Last Samurai, Lord of the Rings, Punisher 1&2, Serenity, Star Trek, Star Wars movies, Spiderman and The X-Men movies(the first two) TV shows, wow...there are to many to list from over the years, favs for now are Burn Notice, Castle, Primevil, Mentalist, NCIS and Doctor Who Favourite books I like to read alot of fantasy or sci fi novels, i also like books about Japan and the samurai. Two of my favorite writers are Steven Brust and R. A. Salvatore.